Travelling on a business trip sounds a cumbersome task for most people. They want to carry light but stay organized and presentable at the same time. Follow the following tips and hacks and make the journey just the way you want it to be.

TRAVEL TIPS AND HACKS FOR BUSINESS TRAVELERSTIP # 1: Document Check: Always remember to cross check all the documents which you need for the scheduled meetings and for travelling. Make different files for travel and business documents so that they can be easily accessible.

Hack: Scan a high resolution of the documents you need for travelling. Save them on your phone with a google drive back up. Save on the load created by photocopies.

TIP # 2: Weather Check: Having an idea about the present climatic conditions is a must in today’s world where the weather stays unstable.

Hack: Switch on weather updates on your Android or iOS enabled smartphone.

TIP # 3:Plan Your Attire: Carry fewer clothes.  Pack only the ones you’ll need during your trip. Pack one extra pair to stay guarded in case of mishaps.

Hack: Roll your night wears instead of folding them. This way they can easily creep into those little voids that are otherwise left empty.

TIP # 4: Pack Ironed Clothes: Always iron your business clothes before packing them. Never think of getting them ironed directly at the hotel.

Hack: Wrap and set your belt and ties in the collar area. This helps maintain the shape without a need of re-ironing. You can also put good quality tissue papers while folding clothes to avoid wrinkling at folds.

TIP # 5: Set Your Agendas Right: Schedule your days so that you save time and plan things in advance.Set reminders for all the important things.

Hack: Either make a customized excel sheet or download a planner on your smartphone.