Traveling for business can be very tiring and boring at times but remains unavoidable. However you can still make a lot out of the journeys whether you travel alone or with co-workers. Some may find the idea of travelling with colleagues really nerve wrecking but if you follow a few basic etiquettes, the pros of sharing your journey may override the cons of travelling with someone. Yeah, you do get some personal time when you travel alone but travelling with one or more colleagues can be more interesting and fruitful and enable you to develop a better rapport and companion ship with colleagues, yielding better results and also making work less tiring.

Coworker Trip Travel EtiquettesHere are a few suggestions to keep in mind to get the best as you travel with a coworker:

  1. Be a planner: Take initiative in planning the journey as a lot is needed before you actually strike the road. Planning includes making bookings and setting details of the time schedule. This will make you look interested and conscientious and you will not just impress your office mates but also let the pressureof current work ease from you.
  2. Control the enthusiasm and let others also make choices: While designing the trip schedule and deciding the timings let your co-travelers also give their preferences. So get into a discussion with them after gathering the details of the trip and make them comfortable while travelling with you. It will show your problem solving and teamwork attitude.
  3. Be friendly and get to know your colleague as a person: Travelling gives you the best setting to talk informally, so use this quality time to know your subordinates or coworkers in person. Instead of talking only deadlines and ventures you may discuss likes and dislikes but make sure you don’t over personalize the things on both sides. Also avoidable are the political and controversial topics, so get into lighter conversations.
  4. Give all travelers some ‘me time’: Look for some poshtels for shorter stays during the journey and let all travelers get some ‘me time’ to relax and fresh up.