Flying high is not just the most comfortable way of travelling but is also one which requires you to be at your best at all times. You must remember a few important things while travelling via an aeroplane so that you hardly bother any of the flight attendants or your fellow passengers.

Travel Etiquettes for a Flight• Greet the flight attendants when you board or off-board a plane: The flight attendants make sure that you have the finest time flying to your destination. They always greet you when you board or get down a flight. They serve you with the best possible facilities the airlines can offer. Payback their gesture with a smile and greetings.

• Carry the correct sized carry-on luggage, store it correctly and over your seat: Always adhere to the carry-on dimensions and quantity as laid down by the specific airline; not following the same may cause both you and others a few hours of distress. Your bags must always be placed overhead and preferably above your own row. Store them correctly, ensuring that they take the east possible space and do not encroach on the remaining space. Do not take too long in storing or retrieving your bags, be swift and cautious at the same time as in trying to be quick you might end up hurting someone on board.

• Carry your luggage smartly and securely: Be very careful while you’re carrying the luggage inside an aircraft. Do not drag, instead stroll it in front of you, CAREFULLY. Make sure it doesn’t hurt anyone.

• The aisle is neither a ramp nor a racing track: Many passengers love to tread the passage between rows which causes a lot of problems to people who’ve already been seated as well as those who are boarding the plane. Take care of others’ comfort and limit the use of this passage only for times when it is actually required. You must also train your children that it’s not a playground but a passage to be used when crucially required.

• Respect others’ space and privacy: Always use earplugs while listening to any sort of audio. You might end up disturbing others if you opt for speakers instead. Sticking to your space on the seat is always advisable. Make sure you’re not leaning on to your neighbour, especially if you’re drowsy. Each human being emits some behavioural vibes, learn to read them. Interact only when necessary. Never indulge in long never-ending conversations with your fellow passenger, it is outrightly rude and uncouth.

• Look behind before reclining: Have a look who’s sitting behind before reclining your seat. Make sure that person has enough space to stretch out. Thinking of just your comfort is very selfish and unmannerly.

The above-mentioned rules are applications of mannerisms that we learn throughout our lives, no one teaches them when we board a flight but following them is extremely necessary; especially in order to avoid those angry glares. Travelling can become a headache if people stop being courteous. Let it stay a leisure and relaxing activity for yourself and for others.