A positive change is liked by all and travelling is one activity that brings both change as well as positivity. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone incorporates many behavioral modifications. One learns to appreciate different cultures, adjusts to new environments, learns to appreciate diversity and meets different sorts of people.

why travelling makes you a happier personHere are the top 5 reasons why travelling shall make you a happier person:

Get more confident with each vacation:

Vacations make us less dependent on our peers and family. We know that no one else except our own self can be of help if we fall into any trouble. Encountering a least expected situation on a trip is pretty natural and knowing how to avert or tackling it is what makes us more self-confident and self-reliant. With confidence comes happiness and thus, it becomes our reason no. 1 to travel.

Add a tang of experience to your life

Travelling is a great way of educating oneself. It adds knowledge that no book can teach. It’s a hands-on know-how that no one else can provide you with. Remember the beautiful sunrise you saw atop a mountain with the purplish blue haze spread across the sky. And how different was your experience from the people who saw this spectacle only as a photograph and narration? Your 5 sense organs working in unison capture you in a very different way. Travel and add a tang of new experiences to your life.

Break away from routine

Routine is a necessity but breaking away from it is also essential. Adhering to the same routine 365 days can kill happiness and add monotony to your life. Sometimes continuing with the same routine in a new environment also comes as a welcome change. You get to meet new people, learn something unique from them and cherish their distinctiveness.

You get to taste new cuisines

Exploring new cuisines is another added advantage that comes with travelling and is an icing on the cake if you’re a foodie. Almost every other city in India and worldwide has a specific taste and you get to discover and adapt to new tastes. At times you taste daily home foods with their original or a modified taste, else you get to nibble on extremely new combinations that you hardly thought to have existed.

People start looking up to you

Travelling makes you a new person altogether. You start relating to your trips in your daily routine. You are able to give suggestions and remedies based on your own experiences. Moreover, you gain insight about the local as well as the corporate culture of the places you’ve visited. People look up to you before planning a trip and for many other problems they might be facing otherwise. You seem more broadminded, knowledgeable, confident, friendly, funnier and wittier as compared to your other counterparts; all of which only add to your happiness.

The benefits of travelling are not short-lived but to be reaped for a lifetime. You continue drawing happiness when you look at those pictures or lean back and start visiting your memory lane. Irrespective of the reason, whether business, religious or a family trip, and duration travelling has the capability of inducing a positive change.