Business meets generally have businessmen coming from far and wide; at times, even abroad. Most of them are either too preoccupied or unaware of the place and find it easier if the organisers arrange for an accommodation with pick and drop. The visits are short and the requirements luxurious. This required a large management team for keeping tab of all the guests. Accommodating last moment requirements gets even difficult as there is a lesser probability of having vacant rooms in the same hotel. We have experienced running from one hotel to the other and we know what an ordeal it gets at times to arrange everything with perfection. Thus, organising a business meet-up was always an ordeal before the trend of poshtels took up. The Poshtel- POSH-HOSTEL trend has come as a rescue for business meet-up planners. Both planning and execution seem like a cakewalk. Here’s a look into why it is so:

short term stay options for a business meetComfortable stay-in based on requirements – Guests arrive at different times and from different places. each having a different requirement. Many of them are even local or from nearby areas. All they need is to freshup and have a good rest for an hour or two. They normally leave as soon as the meeting gets over.

Poshtels generally offer flexible options on an hourly basis. You can choose between recliners, wing chairs, dormitories etc.

Luggage Drop Facility- Poshtels offer reliable and well-handled luggage drop facility. We no more need to arrange for luggage drop.

Free and Fast Wi-Fi – There are no hidden room charges. Wi-Fi is free and fast. Our guests have complete access to the internet while they relax in their cosy spaces.

Café – The cafes have a pleasant atmosphere and the right pricing. Arranging for early morning and evening beverages and snacks over a light talk gets all the more easier and merrier.

Round-the-clock hot water and power service – With no timings of hot water, it’s such a relief. All our guests have to do is think of a quick bath and lo! The water is all warm and refreshing.

Plan activities – If need be we arrange small in-house meetings too. Yes, poshtels are indeed All-in-on! They have mini business centres too. We have a quick in-house briefing before the actual meetup and we are ready.

Poshtels are indeed the best destination for planning any business stay; whether solo or for a group. Welcome to the new short FRESHUP stay.