Hyderabad is a city of foodies, for foodies and by foodies. With the boost in IT and other services Hyderabad is now among the few Indian cities which boast of an extremely good work culture. This reason makes it one of the Indian cities that are most frequently visited by businessmen. The stays are generally short and the visitor has to cover a couple of tasks within the span. This is why business tourists have started preferring to stay at shared accommodations which are available at lower costs. When one thinks of shared accommodation, the pictures that flash are of spaces that are generally dingy and not up to the mark, owing to which some have to opt for rooms in five star hotels for a stay which is mostly spent outdoors.

Shared stay in HyderabadIf you are looking for a stay at Hyderabad and your visit is short and busy, opt for a poshtel that offers a 4 to 5 star stay at the price of 1-star. Poshtels, are under budget hotels-cum-hostels that offer shared accommodation with reliable safety standards. Moreover, the stay is priced not on “per day” but “per hour basis” with excellent amenities. Poshtels are as“posh” as the name suggests. These are luxuriously comfortable spaces that make your short stays worthwhile. You compromise neither on ambience nor on comfort.

Hyderabad is a place rich in Indian culture, and it has often been noticed that people in spite of their busy schedule take out time to either head to one of the local markets or to the monuments that embellish the city thus minimising the hotel stay to either night stay or just an hour-long afternoon stay in order to freshup. This makes a stay charged on hourly basis the best option to them. Moreover, many such places offer secure luggage drop facilities too which makes them all the more apt for a short visit.

If you are looking for a shared stay at Hyderabad, opt for nothing but a poshtel. Travellers who have tried it once have been opting just for it since their first visit. Join the league and become a “Poshtel Lover”.