Poshtel is the latest buzzword in the travel industry all around the world. We, at Freshup, summarize a Poshtel as ‘Posh as a hotel, and budget friendly as a hostel’.

Several travelers require temporary stop-by places for reasons such as relaxing for a while, a quick shower and change of clothes, sleep for few hours, charging personal electronics, and so on. So far,travelers had very limited options for this. They could rent a good room in a good hotel and get good quality facilities and amenities but such rooms are expensive, while most of the facilities remain unused, the hotels normally charge for the full night. Another option was to rent a room in an economic hotel or hostels. These are cheap but they come with many inconveniences such as dirty beds or linen, smelly bathrooms, absence of bare minimum facilities such as even a shower in bathroom!

Poshtels sit right in this problem zone, and offer the ideal solution package for travelers who are looking for quality at a super affordable price.

Freshup Poshtel Luxury Hostel in India
FreshUp Poshtel Chaise Lounge View

Some of the advantages offered by Poshtels are:

  • Premium quality: Poshtels offers the Premium quality of a good hotel. In a Poshtel you will always have a good hygiene and good quality facilities such as clean bathrooms, fresh linen, professional staff, nice ambience, and so on.
  • Budget friendly: The entire business of Poshtels runs on quick turnaround of their facilities. For example, they are ready to offer the same bed to another guest within minutes of you leaving it. They target maximizing usage of every facility. This is how they are able to offer inexpensive prices to you.
  • You are always in control: Poshtel is like a combination of pick-and-choose and pay-as-you-go, where you have full control of what you want and for how long. In other words, you have full control on your budget but basic items such as hygiene are not compromised. For example, if you are tight on cash then you may choose to rent bunker bed for few hours rather than a dedicated bed, both under the same roof and offering the same level of hygiene.
  • Quick bite and beverage: While you are relaxing and your personal electronics are charging, you can also recharge yourself with the good quality snacks and beverages at Poshtels. This saves you the need and hassle to find another place to eat and drink.
  • Exclusively designed for short stopovers: Poshtels are designed exclusively around the unique and special needs and requirements of travelers wanting stopovers for only a few hours. This means that they offer associated facilities that such travelers may require such as a cloakroom where travelers can park their luggage while attending a meeting or exploring a city.

To summarize, Poshtels are great places for travelers who are seeking great experience and great prices. They offer the best of both the worlds – the premium quality of a hotel at affordable prices of a hostel. So next time when you are traveling and you need a short break, then like millions of travelers worldwide, you too must try out a Poshtel.

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