Travelling light with a single bag is everyone’s dream but living this dream seems like a Herculean task for most of us. It is something unachievable.

How on Earth shall I put all of these into a single bag?

Am I not forgetting the essentials?

Let me add just one more luggage to this!

These questions visit you each time and we’ll teach you how to put your foot down to every stuff that screams “you will miss me on your trip” as you pack.

First make a checklist of the items you need to carry. We have made this easy for you.

PACKING FOR A JOURNEY WITH ONE CARRY BAGHere’s a custom checklist, and of course you’re free to make your amendments.


  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Travel Soap, Facewash, Moisturiser and Shampoo sachets
  • Your favourite fragrance (travel size)
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Tissues and Sanitary Tissues
  • Razor
  • Contacts or eyeglasses

Make up

  • Compact, face moisturiser
  • Mascara, Kohl, 4-shade eyeshadow
  • Make-up Brushes
  • Make-up remover and a few dry cotton wipes


  • Prescribed Medicines (with prescription)
  • Eye Drops
  • First aid Kit
  • Over the counter medicines such as paracetamol, pain relievers etc.


  • Mobile and Mobile Charger
  • Laptop and Charger
  • e-Reader or Music Player


  • 3 Shirts (formals and informal based on need), 1 pair of jeans and 1 trousers
  • 1 night dress
  • A coat
  • Three sets of undergarments, socks and handkerchiefs
  • Shoes (besides travelling shoes, preferably formals)


  • 1 travel document file with all the necessary documents
  • Identification documents, tickets and passport (if required)
  • Any other small item of your choice

Now that you’re with the packing checklist. Let’s tell you how to pack it all into a single carry bag.

1. Look for a bag that’s comfortable to carry and spacious (but within the specifications laid down by the airlines)
2. Roll all your clothes, this takes lesser space and keeps them ironed.
3. Stack them neatly into the bag.
4. Put all toiletries in a clear plastic bag (use 2 if the need be), do the same with medicines and your make-up.
5. Pack it all together and you’re ready for your next trip in just a single bag!

What seems impossible can be made possible with a little planning! Pack your stuff… Enjoy! Bon voyage!