Built around the concept of capsule hotels, Micro stay options first appeared in Europe, and spread rapidly to other Western countries. Micro stay hotels have now debuted in India, and with more and more people discovering the convenience they offer, they are definitely here to stay. Catering to people looking for a place to relax in for a few hours, these posh-tels are a cost-effective way of adding comfort to any trip, whether business or personal.

Micro Stay

How it works

A Micro stay is charged on an hourly basis, for durations ranging from 3 hours to 9 hours. The guests have a range of furniture and amenities to pick from depending on their immediate needs. From a place to sit and work in, to a bed for a quick nap, or a clean cubicle to shower in, a Micro stay serves a very specific purpose. Ideal for a short stay, it is a boon for travellers who are always on the go.

Why it is better than a conventional hotel

Most conventional hotels have a specific checkout time, irrespective of when you check in, and a stay is billed on a 24 hour basis irrespective of how long you occupy it. Micro stay addresses this issue of overpaying for a short stay quite effectively by offering hospitality services for a few hours.

Micro stay is for everyone

Micro-stay has caught the fancy of every kind of traveler, be it an entrepreneur or a high-profile company executive or a backpacker or a pilgrim. Wouldn’t you love to get into a hotel, have a refreshing bath or grab your forty winks in a comfortable bed and pay on an hourly basis? All this at a facility with all the conveniences of a hotel where on the other hand you would pay for a 24-hour stay, without using it for the entire duration.

Business travelers can take the late-night train or an early morning flight for a meeting, catch up on their sleep in a cozy room and wake up fresh and full of energy for that all-important presentation. It also allows a lot of flexibility with travel plans and saves money, a fact that entrepreneurs and corporates love dearly. It is surely better than spending time at a cramped transit lounge or a dingy waiting room. No more worries of reaching the client’s office in a crumpled shirt, with sleep-deprived eyes or discharged gadgets! Micro Stays offer several amenities in addition to space, to ensure you can recharge your gadgets, and tuck into a delicious snack to keep you going.

Roadies and backpackers dig this kind of an arrangement as it becomes easy to avail all the necessary amenities of a hotel room without being saddled with a bill that could break their budget. It’s a win-win situation for the guests and the hotel since they pay only for the few hours they’ve stayed. Generally, backpackers run a tight ship and cannot afford to let the budget run amok and this is where hourly booking comes in handy.

Corporate travelers are on the road for a major part of their work schedule, and organizations are conscious of the travel expenses they incur. With a facility where you can pay by the hour, your travel plans become quite flexible and you can pay less than half of the actual room rent. Get rid of that jet-lag in a jiffy!

Families and groups who are enroute pilgrimages can also make good use of micro-stay. It is quite easy on the pocket and they are assured of safety, cleanliness and comfortable accommodation while on the move.

Micro stays comes to the rescue when people staying in the same city need to entertain guests, but are unable to do so because of space constraints. It becomes a hassle-free and economical way of accommodating guests and creating a great impression. People who accompany patients for medical attention can use this option to take a break from the monotony of hospitals and stay here to rejuvenate themselves.

Why FreshUp?

As the name suggests, FreshUp is here to offer travelers a refreshing take on hospitality. With budget-friendliness as its base, FreshUp has a keen understanding of the needs of modern travelers. Guests can check in at any hour of the day and use the well-appointed facilities on an hourly basis. Revolutionising the concept of Micro stay in India, Freshup ensures that guests are treated to a clean and hygienic environment in any of the rest facilities they choose. Our Hyderabad and Tirupati facilities are designed with modern architecture and packed with world-class amenities designed for the comfort of guests. Our well-trained personnel are always striving to make your stay a pleasant one.

Picking the option which is perfect for you

Wing Chairs: After a long and tiring journey, one can settle down into the welcoming arms of FreshUp Wing Chairs and relax till it’s time to move on. With an all-night café and free Wi-Fi at your service, you are fresh and charged up for the next leg of travel.

hourly booking in hyderabad
Wing Chair

Recliners: Whether you want a power nap or a comfortable place to catch up on your mail, our ergonomically-created recliners provide you with the opportunity to do so.

Hourly hotels in hyderabad

Chaise Lounge: FreshUp Chaise Lounge is designed to help you get into a deep slumber with the single beds, soft lighting and comfy mattresses. The lounges are thoughtfully fitted with drawers so that you are not kept awake with concerns about your luggage.

accomodation in tirupati

Bunker Beds: Our Bunker Beds offer similar coziness if you would love to share the space with other like-minded travelers.

Dormitory in Hyderabad
Bunker Beds

Single beds: Available on a twin-sharing basis, our single beds are reserved for ladies looking for a secure pit stop.

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Double Rooms

FreshUp not only makes sure you have access to a clean and safe space, but also adds to your comfort in many little ways:

  • Store your luggage with us while you are out sightseeing or attending a seminar and pick it up on your way back.
  • Toiletries and dental kits available to help you freshen up.
  • Enjoy continuous hot water at your service for long relaxing showers.
  • If you are planning to spend a quiet time by yourself or meet up with a friend, our Café equipped with snacks and drinks is the best place to be.
  • Meet your business colleagues at our plush Mini Business Center.
  • Forgot to iron your favorite shirt? We have you covered with a Steam Iron to smooth over the creases and wrinkles in a jiffy.
  • The world would stop moving without Wi-Fi, and we imagine you cannot do without this, to keep in touch with the outside world. We make sure it is provided for.
  • With Uninterrupted Power Supply for all our facilities, we have ensured there are no exceptions to your comfort.With such amazing flexibility and services available at pocket-friendly rates, who wants to get into the rigid 12-noon/24-hour check-in and check-out hassle? We welcome you to rejuvenate yourself at our well-appointed facility and experience our warm hospitality.