FreshUp is a one-of-a-kind poshtel in India that offers short stays at hourly basis. When you walk in to FreshUp, an air-conditioned ambient place awaits you with its state-of-the-art facilities, luxurious décor and warm smiles. Choosing the right kind of furniture for your booking can be difficult, especially more if you are booking online in advance. We are here to help.

At FreshUp, you can choose from one of the following:

Wing Chair
Wing Chairs or Fireside Chairs as they were called traditionally called, date back to the 17th century. Upholstered “wings” are mounted to the back of the chair and extend down to the arms – that is how the chair gets its name. Historically, they were usually placed beside the fireplace in cold countries and people would sit in the chair for warmth and comfort. Wing chairs have become quite a décor item in contemporary interior design, not only because of their classy look but also because of the comfort that the long back and armrests provide.

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Wing Chair

Ideal for: Book a wing chair if you want a micro-stay, like a couple of hours for sorting out your stuff and having a quick shower.

Starting Price: Rs.399*


Little brother of bed – that’s recliner for you. As its name suggests, recliner allows a person to rest his legs on the extendable lower part and ease his back on the inclined back of the chair. Functionally, recliners are quite similar to a dentist’s chair, but far more comfortable and snuggly. Recliners are a rage for both entertainment (like playing a video game) and for work (like working on a laptop), because of their comfort quotient. At FreshUp, our leather recliners will make you feel like a king in a throne.

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Fun fact: the first reclining chair was owned by Napoleon III!

Ideal for: Book one if you don’t want a bed yet comfort is high priority. Simply listen to music and drift away to sleep, or finish off important tasks on your laptop using our superfast Wi-Fi, catching a quick nap in between.

Starting Price: Rs.499*

Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge is a hybrid of a long sofa and single bed. It comes with one armrest and a back to support the head. Traditionally, they were used for the afternoon siesta. To this day, upholstered chaise lounges are a common feature of urban living rooms for adding a royal touch.

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Chaise Lounge

Ideal for: Book our leathered Chaise Lounge if you want to sleep and completely rest your body. Each chaise lounge comes with a drawer for keeping personal items.

Starting Price: Rs.799*

Single Beds

Single beds are available for ladies only, in a twin sharing room.

hourly booking for ladies in hyderabadBunker Beds

Bunker beds are two tier beds that come with freshly laundered sheets, a pillow, reading lights and charging points for the ultimate level of comfort. The wooden exteriors make for a luxurious, yet minimalistic design, while the spacious drawers available below the bed are useful for stowing your luggage.

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Bunker Beds

Ideal for: Our Bunker beds are ideal for people who prefer a bit of privacy in a shared space. Book a bunker bed for a night’s rest or if you want a hotel like feel at a super affordable price. Or simply book one if climbing up into a bunk bed has always been a childhood fancy!

Starting Price: Rs.699*

Besides the bed or recliner you choose, many other facilities such as café, bathrooms,mini business centre and cloak room are available on complementary/paid basis. To know more, please call us at 095516 77720 or Visit us at