Are you planning a trip to the legendary land of mighty and pompous Nizams i.e. Hyderabad anytime soon? Are you taking a family vacation for the first time to Hyderabad and concerned about the culture of the place?? Do you want to make your trip to one of the best travel destinations in India??? Well, please be informed that you have landed on the right page oozing with the smart and safe travel tips to Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Travel TipsWhile the city remains to be one of the safest cities in India with loads of history and culture in every  nook and corner, we guarantee that the following travel tips will make your trip to the place all the more better and lovelier. From the requisite set of etiquettes and some customs that you might be unaware of to the best places you can shop and enjoy yourselves is what it is comprised of. So, here we go…!!

What Makes Hyderabad – ‘HYDERABAD’?

  • Lip smacking Biryanis and other Mughlai Dishes
  • Scintillating architectural splendour such as Char Minar, Golkonda Fort, Imambara, HussainSagar, QutabShahi Tombs, Chowmahalla Palace and a lot more
  • Bright and Colourful clothing that you can sport as a fusion as well as traditional attire
  • Lovely bangles and other artificial jewellery
  • The regional dialect and accent that remains of all the Bollywood films of 90’s
  • Ramoji Film City – That is one of the famous ghost haunting places in India

The list is not at all finished and it can go on and on; you can have a look at the travel blogs in India for more details. In fact, if the locals are to be believed, the place is oozing with tiny tales, lores and legends of all kinds and flavours that can be easily heard and enjoyed at any tourist place if you know how to find that ‘Chatty’ guide or an old ‘Baba’.

Hyderabad is teeming with life and culture. People are helpful and you will not feel their glances burning into your backs and valuables as you roam around the city.

Pavement is the BEST Sight:

  • The pavements are decorated with itsy-bitsy stalls and hawkers and sellers of all kinds, selling paraphernalia of items. Books, dresses, artificial jewellery, accessories, bangles, bed sheets, covers, utensils, and what not – you can find anything there. But yes, the quality is questionable sometimes and the things bought from the roadside pavements turn out be a total wastage. Hence, shop wisely.
  • Don’t think that you will not find the same things again. The whole city is full of such pavement markets and you will surely find the same things at a lot of places.

Monkeys, Monkeys everywhere, Not a single Place without them…!!!

  • Hyderabad has more than its fill of monkeys and that too everywhere. The locals have come to understand that they are their permanent companions in the city and have modified their habits accordingly.
  • But for a tourist it might be a difficult thing to not only adjust but to be safe from them.
  • The monkeys tend to snatch away the belongings such as small bags and cameras; especially if they are unattended. Hence, carry bags should be carefully held and avoid going alone where a lot of monkeys are sitting.

Women Attire and Etiquette:

  • Hyderabad is a place with Muslims in majority and Muslim ladies dress in Burkhas from head to toe. Hence, if you are travelling in sheer clothing, tank tops, shorts and mini-skirts, you will be inviting glances and sometimes rude remarks.
  • Therefore, dressing should be appropriate. Decent attires such as long pants, long skirts and tops with decent neck-lines will be good to wear.
  • Don’t think it is a downer. You get to wear the traditional ethnic clothing. While in Hyderabad, dress like a Hyderabadi..!!


The city is a major one and the roads are also busy. To explore all the tourist destinations in Hyderabad it is important to have a travel guide. Getting lost is easy, especially in the alleys which may bring down all the spirits and instil fear and anxiety in any traveller. Hence, getting a trusted and good conveyance (hired) is important.


The major languages spoken in Hyderabad are Hindi, English, Telugu and Urdu. Hence, the tourists will not find it difficult to explore the region and enjoy their vacation in any manner.


From food to every other thing Hyderabad stays easy on your pockets unless you wish to spend frivolously on the accommodation and food. You can enjoy the Biryanis and other delicacies that are full of taste and flavour round the corner at very reasonable prices and any decent eatery will be affordable.


Summers are really hot and the rainy season receives lots of downpour. Winters are not that chilling and is the best season for travelling to the city. The best months to take a trip to Hyderabad are from November to February.

Public Transportation:

The city is well connected to all the nearby areas via all means of transport. The bus, taxi and auto services are very good but the rail network is not good. One can hire an auto and roam around the whole city to his or her fullest. If you wish to go by a hired conveyance with a meter, then you can hire a taxi. The AC and NON-AC taxis are abundant and come with a digital meter in which bill as well as total number of kilometres covered is shown.

Apart from all this, there is an excellent A/C Bus Service from the airport to various parts of the city which can be used as well.

Buying Pearls:

Hyderabad pearls are famous all over the world. But before you buy these shiny little guys it is highly important to confirm the genuineness of the seller. Don’t buy very cheap pearls as they might be duplicate. Real pearls come at a price, not out of bounds, but affordable. Hence, be wise while shopping valuables.

Rest, just explore yourself and enjoy the visual and tasteful feast that Hyderabad is..!!!