Hyderabad, the city of Nizams, is a metropol that boasts of a large population. This populated Indian city is known to attract tourists of different sorts. Students, speakers, businessmen, spiritual gurus, travellers, backpackers; name the kind and Hyderabad has always had the heart to host them. Given the tropical wet and dry climate of the city, exhaustion is one trouble that comes unasked. Travellers have time and again complained about unavailability of posh stop-overs that can be cheap yet refreshing enough to kick start again.

hourly stay in hyderabadHyderabad is an amalgamation of old and new, it has successfully revived traditional along with contemporary thus, making it impossible for the visitor to ignore one over the other. The tourists whether on a business, educational or leisure trip make it a point to visit both the cultures that exist harmoniously.

Many travel websites and forums regularly display queries of travellers asking for a location where they can relax, stretch and re-energise without draining their pockets. FreshUp, a new start-up at Gachibowli, the heart and IT hub of Hyderabad is a bouquet of all desires of travellers looking for a short, comfortable stay that’s extravagant on outside and meagre on the pockets.

FreshUp happily introduces the poshtel concept at Hyderabad; ‘posh’ in looks with a ‘hostel-like’ budget. It is one-of-its-kind in Hyderabad, and has been received whole-heartedly since its inauguration. It offers a variety of services that were earlier akin only to 5 and 4 star hotels and never thought to fit in to the budget of a mindful spender.

At FreshUp pay only for as long as you stay, i.e. there are no charges for the times you’re not in the property. Your rentals are flexible; not based on a fixed check-in and check-out time but on your actual check-in and departure. That too reduced to the duration of an hour! So, you can easily pay per hour and for the rest of your journey enjoy a secure place for your luggage which can be collected later in the day. Now you can accordingly plan your trip that is hassle free and refreshing. Stop at FreshUp, relax in our super comfortable range of ready-to-snuggle beds and chairs, freshen up in sparkling bathrooms with quality toiletries and recharge yourselves and your gadgets all-over to start off afresh.