After the immense response to FreshUp Hyderabad, we launched our next Microstay at Tirupati today, 14th April 2017. The inauguration ceremony was performed by Hon’ble Member of Parliament Shri Nimmala Kishtappa and our CEO Mr. Vinyl Reddy. After lighting the auspicious lamp and performing a small religious ceremony, the Hon’ble chief guest cut the ribbon, thus officially inaugurating our Tirupati centre.

Hon’ble Member of Parliament Shri Nimmala Kishtappahourly stay in tirupati

At FreshUp Tirupati, travelers can choose from our air conditioned chaise lounge, bunker beds and double rooms that come with complimentary services such as free Wi-Fi, coffee, showers, toiletries and TV depending on the category. For tips on how to choose the right bed according to your needs, click here. Every bed comes with its own set of freshly laundered sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, reading lights and drawers to keep small personal items. A small café provides finger licking snacks and refreshing beverages. All rooms and bathrooms are air conditioned, and have been designed to create a congenial ambience for people to freshen up and relax. The spotlessly clean restrooms and shower areas are kept minimalistic in design without compromising on the essentials.

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Chaise Lounge
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Bunker Beds
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Double Rooms

FreshUp Tirupati has been launched with the goal of providing affordable, flexible and luxurious stays to travelers, business travelers and pilgrims that arrive in the city. Travelers get to choose what they want and pay only for the time they stay. Bookings start 15th April 2017 onwards and can be done both online as well as on arrival. For more details, please call 9885584575 or click here accommodation in tirupati