When was the last time you casually dropped-by your neighbors place just to say hello? For most people the honest answer to this question goes something like ‘well, we have met about two months after first talking about meeting by phone, or texting etc.”

Poshtels creates social environmentIn today’s world, socializing itself has become a ‘task’ or an item in our TO DO lists while ideally socializing should happen naturally and automatically.

Here is another set of questions for you: Wasn’t it great when you met your friends at a local café? Wasn’t it fantastic to become friends with that new guy or girl when you joined college? Isn’t it always wonderful to meet people like yourself?

Most of the people answer the above questions in affirmative. To most people these questions bring a smile on face, and a spark in their eyes as it brings back those beautiful memories. If you also smiled and remembered a wonderful warm memory then Poshtels are the place for you.

As the name suggests, Poshtel is a hybrid of a high-class hotel and casualness plus affordability of a hostel. It is one of the trending words in travel industry. Many travelers prefer to stop-by at Microstay for few hours because it offers the ambience, facilities and hygiene that of a 4 to 5 star hotel, yet the prices are similar to that of a hostel. So it is best combination of great facilities and great prices.

Another often overlooked and under-rated reason for travelers to opt for Poshtel is the social environment that it naturally creates. Imagine staying with other fellow travelers such as you while you or they being not too much fussy about privacy or about another person nearby you. A place where people can freely mingle – be it over a coffee or or even when sharing the same bunk bed! Imagine meeting new people all the time and everyone chitchatting about some common topic, perhaps their travel experiences. Imagine knowing different people who are probably away from their homes like you are, and traveling for their purposes – some for business and others for leisure. Imagine hearing to many unique stories and you sharing yours with them. Imagine either blending in into a small group of people for whom you are a stranger, or, on the other hand, accepting that lone stranger into your gang. Such is the ‘normal’ environment at a Poshtel.

To summarize, while deciding for a stopover place, many travelers look at the quantitative aspects such as facilities and amenities and price and choose microstay over hotels and hostels. This is the normal way of deciding. However, after their first stay at a Poshtel, many of these travelers just cannot ignore the enticing social aspect of a Poshtel and their next short lodging decision definitely has this factor.

In addition to redefining the ideal quantitative criteria such as facilities and prices, by bringing in the human element of socializing, the Poshtels are completely changing the way people think about the short stopovers.