Long flights, especially economy, are generally disliked by all of us. Who likes to sit caged and trapped for hours on a stretch with severed connections from the entire world? Flights of long duration can make us bored, drowsy and even irritable. Abide by these guidelines and pack just the right things in your backpack to gear up for a less trying, if not leisurely, aeroplane ride.

Finding Comfort in Long FlightsCheck-in online, well ahead of time

An online check-in is one of the best services offered by airlines. Make the best of it. You can easily choose the seats that you prefer and if fortunes on your side you might end up getting a free upgrade for a better seat with more legroom.

Staying Comfortable is akin to feeling at-home

All of us love to look presentable as soon as we leave our homes. This calls for wearing classy shoes and well-fitted clothes. Travelling in such an attire is not the best thing you should do, instead opt for a loose fitted yet presentable clothing. Wear the most comfortable pair of footwear that you have; keeping security concerns in mind we advise you to wear shoes in which you can easily run if a case of emergency arises. Team them up with compression socks to prevent swollen feet and ankles.

Make-up is again a no-no, for who applies those layers at home? Stay natural by applying a moisturiser and a lip balm. Keep your toiletries handy (keeping the flight restrictions in mind) and splash up some water followed by moisturisation whenever you feel the urge.

Carry your own eye-mask and neck pillow

Eye masks and Neck pillows a must for any long flights. Carry your own as they make you feel at-home. They are clean and comfy to your personal standards.

Charged gadgets, movie and book back-up

The flight film curator’s taste might not match yours, it’s always better to store your laptop with the films of your like. If you’re a bookworm, carrying a fully loaded book reader is the only friend you need for the rest of the journey. Keep them all charged with a power bank backup else you’ll end up crankier than you imagined.

Noise cancelling headphones

The headphones you get on board are mostly not the most comfortable ones. Moreover, you continue to hear the chattering and baby wails, carry a noise cancelling headphone and continue your journey in silence with what you prefer to hear.

Stay hydrated

Avoid Alcohol and high doses of caffeine. Replace the caffeine intake with green tea and drink adequate amounts of water. Remember what goes in comes out… Keep a check and don’t overdo.The loo too is installed for your comfort, use it when need be (for a short duration and not constantly). Avoiding its use during necessary times shall only be a cause of discomfort.


A few exercises like bending your neck sideways and in up-down motion, curling and stretching your hands and legs (of course without knocking the person by your side), deep breathing and eye movements can be great strain busters.

Travelling with different thoughts creeping up in your mind can make you peevish and you may just spiral it on to others on-board. Long flights can be made easy if you follow these simple to-dos and prepare yourself psychologically to travel light and without any travel sickness.