A trip to a sacred place is the most awaited idea of vacation for most of us across religions. We plan for months before the journey, cleansing and purifying our spiritual self. We know that spirituality is best felt when the mind is at ease and the body fresh and devoid of tiredness and weariness. Many pilgrims have from time to time disapproved the idea of being tired on reaching holy destinations which are generally overcrowded.

Do’s and Don’t’s at Tirumala BalajiTirupati is each year flocked by millions of devotees and pilgrims that visit the sacred town to visit Tirupati Balaji and the other temples in the vicinity. Being surrounded with temple bells and holy chants is an experience best felt when one is energised and stress free.

This Spiritual Capital brims with Indian History that dates back to ancient times. We’ve heard the name of this holy city in sagas of the Hindu Mythology. Lord Rama on his return from Lankapuri stayed here with Sita and Lakshmana. The place is known worldwide for the Tirupati Balaji Temple (also known as Sri Venkateswara Temple or Tirumala) and the famous Tirupati Laddus that come with a tag that permits only Tirupati Devasthanams to make and sell them.

Here’s a list of Do’s and don’ts you must follow on your trip to this scared place.


Before reaching Tirumala

  • Complete submission to your favourite diety- Ishta Daivam or your family diety-Kula Daivam is a must before you start for the Tirumala Pilgrimage.
  • A tiresome body is unable to utilise its 100%; visit Tirumala only after wearing off your tiredness by taking at least a 2-hour relaxing break after journey.
  • Cleanliness and purity of body and soul is a prerequisite before you start any holy journey. Remember to bathe, wear clean clothes and have a clean heart before you enter the sanctified premises.

On arriving at Tirumala

  • Let your funny bones and temper rest for a while, hyperactivity of any sort should be avoided. Stay calm and serene.
  • A diverted mind can never achieve the highest-level of spirituality; stay focussed and continue to chant holy verses.
  • Put a spot of coloured powder- tilak as per your religious affiliations.
  • Understand and then follow the ancient customs that have been followed at the sanctum.
  • Have a holy dip in the tirthams.
  • Hinduism fosters the idea of helping irrespective of class, colour and religion; try to help anyone who is in need of even the slightest help.
  • Do not push or get irritated on seeing a huge crowd. The rest of the people are also one like you, who have come all the way in search of inner peace and a way to attain moksha.
  • Try to decipher the new you that is pure and has a balanced approach towards future life.


Before reaching Tirumala:

  • Carrying more than required shall only leave your weary, pack light and enjoy the divine feeling.
  • Bringing jewellery and valuables along is again a bad idea. You’re about to go on an invaluable visit that’ll improve your life and afterlife, make the most out of this trip.
  • Ruining your trip for worldly likings is a big NO.
  • Wearing footwear in the temple is not a good idea.

On arriving at Tirumala:

  • Say calm and try to avoid any heated arguments and violence. God dislikes violence of any sort.
  • Don’t push people in a hurry to have a quick glimpse. We know you can’t wait for your turn but a large chunk of the assessment of your good deeds is patience.
  • Avoid liquor and other intoxicants as they consume you from within.
  • Do not waste food especially the Prasad-offering at the temple.
  • Do not interfere with the security checks. Don’t feel humiliated on being checked by the guards. They are there to ensure your safety, cooperate with them and greet them on your way up and down.