Travelling solo might be a trend worldwide but this is a new addition in the Indian context. Female solo travel is still one of those unheard word clusters that make heads turn. These rotating heads are the source of our Female solo travel myths and we are all set to DEBUNK them.

Female Solo Travel Solo=lonely, and a lonely girl in an unfamiliar location is a NO by all means

While most of us believe that travelling alone is an uninteresting task and shall make us earn nothing but boredom in the end; many around us feel that solo travelling for a female traveller is the synonymous to jumping into a well. We, at Freshup, regard both the two as the #1 myth around solo female travel.

Solo travel opens up a new chapter in our lives where we explore ourselves and the world with completely new lenses. The entire experience is one of its kind and whether male or female, one must make it a point to travel alone and see places unfiltered by peer or family opinion.

Girls lack guts… and yes, those muscles for sure! She’s acting too brave!

Its again a popular belief that girls lack strength and tact to free themselves of an awkward situation and one who is ready to bear such incidents is just showing herself to be “extra-brave”. Again, not all places are filled with foul characters roaming around, secondly, don’t we hear cases of men being victims in such episodes. We believe, all that is required to avert such situations is cautiousness and an alert mind; with these two as our armour we have already busted Myth #2.

Talking to strangers can invite trouble, stay more to yourself

Why on earth shall one travel if he/she wants to keep to himself or herself? Isn’t sitting on your couch more comfortable than carrying a luggage and roaming about in an unknown place with unknowns around had this been the case? Solo travel is all about meeting new people, all you need to do is choose who you speak to. It’s a process of improving and discovering our instincts.

Dress… Hmm… Keep it conservative and don’t over expose

Woman Dressing is again a big debate world over. For the ‘female dress code police’, a decently dressed girl is not smart and a smartly dressed is sexy and of course a slut. Why label people without knowing them? We believe the way you dress is a personal choice and one should wear what makes her/him feel comfortable.

As for your dressing style while travelling, we’d say dress up the way the locals do. This way you get to know more about them. They might not realise that you’re a tourist, and even if they do they’ll love you for your gesture.

Females, especially Indian females have left their mark in the world. They have blurred the lines between the territories that separate men from women. The time still exists where there are school and college drop-outs owing to various myths and facts. Now is the time when we need to overcome these by debunking the myths and amending the facts that have held our females to be at par with men.

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