India is a country of diversity, with the most beautiful, breath-taking yet sundry destinations. It is a combination of vast beaches, high mountain ranges, never ending expanse of deserts, marshes, dissimilar flora and fauna to name a few.

A journey of a few hundred miles may make you believe that you’ve entered a new country. The distinct facial structures, language, dressing sense, eating habits shall leave you astounded. On one hand, we have the West Bengal that’s best represented by its capital city Kolkata, while on the other lies Darjeeling a city, that is a heaven of high mountain peaks and white snow.

Indian heritage and culture is also one of the most read and researched subjects worldwide. Researchers from across the globe, visit India in large numbers. Such diverse demographic makeup and topography fosters both domestic as well as international tourism. Let us have a sneak peek into the current trends in Indian Tourism.

Poshtel Tourism: This is one of the most trending form of tourism in India and overseas. In the simplest ways, it can be called a posh or luxurious hostel. This makes it the best combination both experience and price-wise. It comes easy on one’s pockets but is as mesmerising as a posh as a high rated hotel.

Poshtel Travel Trends in India
FreshUp Poshtel in Hyderabad, India

Many poshtels also offer facilities like bunker beds and a never-like before experience of living in a shared yet plushest accommodation. These also add up to be the best option when travelling with a tour group.

Boutique Hotels: Many of us enjoy our privacy and less hustle bustle when on tour. As the idea of vacation for a lot of us is to move away from the daily chores and crowd. Boutique hotels offer a smaller yet beautifully designed and fully equipped range of hotel rooms. These privately-owned hotels are a great choice for people who want a cosy home-like experience away from home.

Boutique Hotels in IndiaMedical Tourism: India is also emerging as one of the most medically advanced nations. A large number of foreigners visit the hospitals in Indian metros for treatments that span over weeks and months.

Adventure Sports: Indian tourism industry has in the recent past started exploring adventure sports and the Indian terrain highly supports the idea. Earlier Indians used to visit abroad for such thrill-seeking amusement but places like Lonavala, many parts of South and North India are a great destination for a fear-filled ecstasy.

Current Trends In Indian TourismSports like camping, caving, kite surfing, water rafting, skiing, paragliding, mountain biking, scuba diving are just a few names out of the long list.

Less explored travel destinations: The Indian Tourism Industry is said to be the largest service providing industry in the nation. With the increase in its share over the past decade even places that were less explored have started to gain importance. The beauty and freshness of these areas drives scores of tourists to visit them. Many of them are shoe the original-ancient Indian heritage while others pomp their wildlife and flora. Better network of roads and travelling facilities are also one of the major reasons behind this up soar.