While on a business tour we are loaded with innumerable responsibilities. Nothing must come in between the prospective deal. At such a juncture where there is no possibility of regrets, a checklist of what items are needed becomes a total saviour.

Apart from proper clothing, your favourite fragrance, pen and notebook, a couple of business cards, name badges, samples of business items/hardcopies of business proposal etc, there are still many things that are absolutely necessary.

Checklist For Your Business TourExtra batteries, chargers and a power bank

Thanks to the ever-growing technology, the times of being helpless have considerably decreased. Our phones have become so smart that they have turned into an all-in-one, but as we work more and more, the batteries tend to drain. And there’s nothing more horrible and unprofessional than having a dead phone when you were actually anticipating a call from your client. So, remember to carry an extra fully charged battery and a power bank.

Also, never forget to carry chargers of all your gadgets or even better, a multi-charger with pins of various sorts.

USB and OTG cable and pen drive

USB cables are very necessary for getting your digital data transferred on to a system or larger capacity hard disk so that the device can be used without the need to erase unbacked important files. On-the-go USB cables are also a blessing as they offer a variety of transferring options, our smartphone being one of them. Pen drives too become handy and make data-sharing a 2- minute job, carry at least two 32 GB pen drives.

We know exactly how miserable you felt when you forgot to carry your OTG on the last trip. Follow this checklist and you’ll find yourself all geared up for a no-compromise successful business trip.

Personal care items

Almost all hotels offer an array of good quality personal care items, but many of us are accustomed to using a self-personalized or medicated range. If you fall under this category, make sure that you don’t forget to make a checklist. Identify the requirements from head to toe, make a list and pack them up; for who wants a bad business day with those itches and rashes just because we forgot to pack our personal care essentials.


Medicines are yet another very important inclusion. This category includes not only the everyday medicines prescribed by a physician but also the over counter drugs that might be required. These particularly include pain relievers and sprays, lozenges, paracetamol etc.

Data card

All hotels with good ratings offer a good Wi-Fi connection over the stay, but in order to be that extra cautious one, and for places other than your hotel make sure that you carry a Hi-speed Wi-Fi dongle, preferably 4G.

Did you know that the OTG cable that you already have in your checklist can turn almost any of your digital devices into a USB-port that provides electrical power for the working of this dongle? A power bank too can work as an electricity spot for this Wi-Fi USB device.

So, the next time you plan a business trip, just go through our blog, make a proper checklist and preserve a copy for future use. Pack light yet smart, and avoid all those eleventh-hour regrets that might pose as an obstacle to your clear path to success.