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Hyderabad best city to live in
2015, 16 and now 17, Hyderabad is not ready to budge; it seems as it loves being ranked as number 1 among the Indian cities with the highest living standards. The city of Nizams, as its popularly known has proved itself to be the king of all other Indian metropolis including the national and business capital of India- Delhi...
Travelling on a business trip sounds a cumbersome task for most people. They want to carry light but stay organized and presentable at the same time. Follow the following tips and hacks and make the journey just the way you want it to be. TIP # 1: Document Check: Always remember to cross check all the documents which you need...
why travelling makes you a happier person
A positive change is liked by all and travelling is one activity that brings both change as well as positivity. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone incorporates many behavioral modifications. One learns to appreciate different cultures, adjusts to new environments, learns to appreciate diversity and meets different sorts of people. Here are the top 5 reasons why travelling shall make...
Qutub Shahi Tomb in Hyderabad Gachibowli
The city of pearls - Hyderabad, has these places which you must visit without a miss. All these places together add pearls to the city. It has to offer some very unique and fascinating places for various travelers looking to satiate their travelling desires. Golconda Fort For those who don't miss a chance to get close to history, this is a...
Tips To Reduce Air sickness during Business Trips
Today when mobile phones and video conferencing have made business networking much comfortable and reduced the need to travel much, still face to face to meetings remain important for business needs. Staring at a screen or conversing on phone does not provide sufficient replacement to personal contact when it comes to closing a business deal or discussing an important...
Poshtel Travel Trends in India
India is a country of diversity, with the most beautiful, breath-taking yet sundry destinations. It is a combination of vast beaches, high mountain ranges, never ending expanse of deserts, marshes, dissimilar flora and fauna to name a few. A journey of a few hundred miles may make you believe that you’ve entered a new country. The distinct facial structures, language,...
Coworker Trip Travel Etiquettes
Traveling for business can be very tiring and boring at times but remains unavoidable. However you can still make a lot out of the journeys whether you travel alone or with co-workers. Some may find the idea of travelling with colleagues really nerve wrecking but if you follow a few basic etiquettes, the pros of sharing your journey may...




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