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A business trip comes with its own set of responsibilities. One just can’t avoid being punctual and disciplined to a point where is no room for mistakes and delays. A lag of 10-minutes may spiral up to too many last moment changes that may disrupt the rest of the journey. Here’s what a typical day in a business traveller’s...
Freshup is trending at Hyderabad and is awaiting its launch at Tirupathi, the sacred abode of Vishnu. Freshup offers shared rooms and resting spaces for travellers that prefer short stays and are always ready to be on the go. In order to provide supreme facilities, the staff at FreshUp works relentlessly 24*7. The services are top rated and thoroughly...
Flying high is not just the most comfortable way of travelling but is also one which requires you to be at your best at all times. You must remember a few important things while travelling via an aeroplane so that you hardly bother any of the flight attendants or your fellow passengers. • Greet the flight attendants when you board...
Hyderabad, the city of Nizams, is a metropol that boasts of a large population. This populated Indian city is known to attract tourists of different sorts. Students, speakers, businessmen, spiritual gurus, travellers, backpackers; name the kind and Hyderabad has always had the heart to host them. Given the tropical wet and dry climate of the city, exhaustion is one...
Travelling on a business trip sounds a cumbersome task for most people. They want to carry light but stay organized and presentable at the same time. Follow the following tips and hacks and make the journey just the way you want it to be. TIP # 1: Document Check: Always remember to cross check all the documents which you need...
Long flights, especially economy, are generally disliked by all of us. Who likes to sit caged and trapped for hours on a stretch with severed connections from the entire world? Flights of long duration can make us bored, drowsy and even irritable. Abide by these guidelines and pack just the right things in your backpack to gear up for...
Business meets generally have businessmen coming from far and wide; at times, even abroad. Most of them are either too preoccupied or unaware of the place and find it easier if the organisers arrange for an accommodation with pick and drop. The visits are short and the requirements luxurious. This required a large management team for keeping tab of...
Today when mobile phones and video conferencing have made business networking much comfortable and reduced the need to travel much, still face to face to meetings remain important for business needs. Staring at a screen or conversing on phone does not provide sufficient replacement to personal contact when it comes to closing a business deal or discussing an important...
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While on a business tour we are loaded with innumerable responsibilities. Nothing must come in between the prospective deal. At such a juncture where there is no possibility of regrets, a checklist of what items are needed becomes a total saviour. Apart from proper clothing, your favourite fragrance, pen and notebook, a couple of business cards, name badges, samples of...
Traveling for business can be very tiring and boring at times but remains unavoidable. However you can still make a lot out of the journeys whether you travel alone or with co-workers. Some may find the idea of travelling with colleagues really nerve wrecking but if you follow a few basic etiquettes, the pros of sharing your journey may...




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