A business trip comes with its own set of responsibilities. One just can’t avoid being punctual and disciplined to a point where is no room for mistakes and delays. A lag of 10-minutes may spiral up to too many last moment changes that may disrupt the rest of the journey. Here’s what a typical day in a business traveller’s life looks like:

life of business travellerBeep beepit’s 4:00 am: I never wait for the snooze to get activated, I very well know those golden moments of sleep are actually a trap. I snap up (of course, stretching up and a yawn is a must!) and head the kitchen for a hot cup of green tea.

While the tea leaves leave their essence and aroma in the steaming water, I head for my tooth brush and paste. A few handfuls of water on my face and I’m ready to face the day that’s awaiting me.

Sips of the green tea and a glance at the packing list reminds me to keep all those last things such as mobile charger(s), laptop, wallet, spectacles, etc. I prefer accomplishing my early morning tasks on my own without disturbing anyone around. After a good shower, I sit down with a small of bowl of cornflakes and await my taxi (that I prefer booking in advance).

I prefer early morning flights, as they keep me going without wasting an entire day.


It’s almost time, and I’ve got a call from my taxi driver.  My cab is about to arrive, I take my belongings and head for my door. Airport is at least a 45-minute drive from my place. I close my eyes and relax for the first 25 minutes; planning the entire day in my mind. Then I take out my passport pouch from my briefcase and securely put it in the inner pocket of my coat to have a smooth passage through the airport gates. I normally check-in through the internet which saves time for other tasksat the airport.

5:45 am:

After passing through the airport gates and security checks, I sit in the farthest, least crowded corner of the lounge and start going through my presentations for the day and make multiple copies in different devices. Then I take a quick look on my emails and respond to the ones that need a prompt reply.


By now my flight is about to take-off and I am seated with my briefcase in the overhead cabin right above my row. I prefer having my breakfast in the flight itself, at the hotel I drop my belongings, freshen up and have my cup of espresso at the café as I leave for my 11:00 am meeting. I normally prefer poshtels over regular hotels as they offer all the customary luxuries, better facilities, just my kind of bed; all at the most affordable price.


We normally break for an hour for lunch. This refreshes us for the second round. Meetings are generally back-to-back and they continue until 6:30 pm. I then take a stroll to the nearest market, buy things of my choice, especially a souvenir that reminds me of the place in later stages of my life. Dinner too usually happens there.

I reach my poshtel by 10:30, dead tired and all prepared for a good nap.

The next day again starts early with a review of the previous day and a gaze in to the day’s schedule.