2015, 16 and now 17, Hyderabad is not ready to budge; it seems as it loves being ranked as number 1 among the Indian cities with the highest living standards. The city of Nizams, as its popularly known has proved itself to be the king of all other Indian metropolis including the national and business capital of India- Delhi and Mumbai. It has earned the position owing to a considerably lower crime rate, better pollution index and better education facilities than rest of the big Indian cities.

Hyderabad best city to live inThe ranking has been charted by Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey, that ranks nearly 230 countries across globe, each year. While India lacks a position in the top 100 cities, Hyderabad has managed to secure 130+ rank for the last three years followed by Pune and Bengaluru. Delhi is far behind with its increasing pollution and lack of basic amenities. The quality of living is greatly determined by the levels and incidence of crime, effectiveness of law enforcements, overseas business relationships, quality of living (based on per capita, pollution level, increase in employment and nature of companies etc.), economic and social factors, connectivity etc.

A higher rank fosters an increase in the city’s work culture and increases its demand in the world market. Hyderabad has this year earned the 144th rank and is followed by Pune and Bengaluru on the 145th and 146th. These cities along with Chennai are also considered the safest Indian Cities with an all-time low crime rate with respect to the other cities in India.

The city of pearls has once again proved to be the gem of India, that has not only topped as the best Indian City for living but has also thrived as a great business and tourist hub. Hyderabad too has slipped a few ranks lower than the previous world ranking but has maintained its No.1 rank in India.

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