Today when mobile phones and video conferencing have made business networking much comfortable and reduced the need to travel much, still face to face to meetings remain important for business needs. Staring at a screen or conversing on phone does not provide sufficient replacement to personal contact when it comes to closing a business deal or discussing an important project.

Tips To Reduce Air sickness during Business TripsFace to face meetings is important to build professional trust as obviously it becomes difficult to trust someone for professional future till you meet in person. This calls for traveling. Other factors that contribute to frequent travel includes broadening your company network, leadership and motivational needs where human interaction with subordinates is a must.

All the factors make business travel necessary which may include frequent air travel too. Air travel cuts your journey time and is one of the most comfortable options to travel long distances, but it does involve some problems. Motion sickness or air sickness is one that tops the list.

Air sickness is a kind of nauseous feeling that makes you sick and queasy during air travel. The reason for such sickness is the contradictory information your brain receives during air travel, as your eyes give signals of being stationary but inner ears still feel the motion. Motion sickness gets over after sometimes post journey but can pose problems if you need to head to the meeting destination straight from the airport or you get too less time to relax before the meeting is scheduled.

Here are a few tips for preventing the air sickness:

  • Use ear plugs and listen to soothing music.
  • Do not eat too starchy and fatty food prior to travel and also do not fill your stomach too much, but don’t go empty stomach too.
  • Do not consume alcohol during or before your journey.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated. Drink cold water and if you wish you can sip some aerated drink with ice.
  • Try to take a window seat and look towards the horizon so that your eyes can stabilize over a fixed point.
  • Put your head on the head rest and try to relax. Avoid playing video games and reading – basically any activity that places something very close to your eyes as this disturbs the visual balance during a flight.
  • Consult your doctor for some air sickness medicines. Be cautious if you are already on some medication as some medicines aggravate the sickness, but definitely do not miss your regular medicines.
  • Most commonly advised remedy is taking ginger to stimulate acupressure points but it is not a very proven solution.

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