Travelling means spending extra money but have you ever thought that there are ways of cutting your travel costs without compromising on your comfort.

Easy ways to decrease travel costs

  • Self-plan your trip: Planning your trip in your own might seem a difficult task for first timers, but if you’re a frequent flyer you’ll soon get accustomed to this technique. It costs you a little time but saves a great deal of money.
  • Go-incognito: Prefer incognito mode to the regular tabs on your internet browser. Many websites alter their fare price for frequent travellers.
  • Choose between a set return and opentickets: Business schedules are liable to change. Opt for an open ticket or refundable ticket, if you are sceptical of your return date. In case you have no reservations regarding your return date, set your return in advance.
  • Booking and flying date affects your fare:Saturdays, Wednesdays and Tuesdays call for lower fares. Compare fares on these days before booking tickets. You might end up saving a few thousand each time.
  • Save on accommodation: Have you ever thought of staying at a hostel that has all the sumptuousness of a highly-rated hotel at a pocket friendly price? Consider it this time and we guarantee that’ll you will never change your mind. Poshtels are trending; stay at one and cut your travel cost.
  • Go local: Every place has its own list of special local snacks and main course which no hotel or fast food chain can match. Go local and enjoy at these eateries. This shall decrease your expenses while you relish new and authentic tastes.

Remember these suggestions when you book your tickets and enjoy a comfortable low-fare travel.